Sophia Moon — Service

Location: Steep Falls, Maine

Sophia was rescued by us three years ago. She was very ill having seizures and three vets recommended putting her down stating she would have brain damage if we didn’t. Soon thereafter she became our emotional support dog. My husband and I both experience PTSD. March 13,2020 my husband was admitted to the icu at our local hospital. Within hours he was in a coma on a ventilator in organ failure. After a couple of weeks , despite not being well he came home from the hospital. Sophia was very excited to have her pop pops home and seldom left his side. It became more and more apparent that there was some serious issues going on with John and after seeing a neurologist he was diagnosed with brain damage. As nights past by we soon realized johns sleeping issues were a lot more serious than before his hospital stay . He was getting up in the middle of the night and doing bizarre things but also cooking . Several times forgetting what he was doing he started stove fires while cooking . One time he emptied all the food from the fridge . I was so exhausted I wasn’t hearing him get up. Soon I noticed Sophia was laying across johns legs and when John would try to get up Sophia would let me know. We soon realized she was the bed alarm notifying me when ever pop pops tried to get out of bed. What a blessing Sophia has been in regards to our safety. No more fires while I sleep and no more getting out of bed and leaving the house. To say I love Sophia is an understatement.

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