Spoon — Service

Location: Broomfield, Colorado

I had just lost my long time service dog parter Riddick to DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy), and was completely lost. My health was worse than it had been in years, mentally and physically. And then came Spoon. A little fluffy funny working bred border collie puppy. I didn’t know if I was ready for a new prospect to train but seeing his face sealed the deal. After passing behavioral testing he came home. From that day life has been better. Not only does he alert to my cardiac conditions, and respond to them, he’s introduced me to people and sports I never thought I could do. From obedience and rally, barn hunt, herding and dock diving, he keeps me safe and healthy and rejoining the world I thought was gone to me. While spending most of the summer in and out of the ICU, to having COVID-19 twice, he’s been by my side, working in tandem with my health care team. Whenever I think “I can’t”, he steps up and shows me that I can, even if it’s modified or not the way I used to do it. Dealing with life threatening anaphylaxis this summer, I wouldn’t still be here without him – retrieving epi pens, and getting my partner for help. Had he not done so quickly and bravely, I wouldn’t be here to nominate my amazing four legged partner as a Hero Dog. He might be a bit plain, and a little bit goofy, but in my life he’s the biggest hero I know.

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