Stetson Ray — Service

Location: Columbus, Indiana

I’d love to nominate my lovely retired service dog Stetson! He came into my life as a rescue from the Humane Society. Little did I know that he would rescue me as well! Stetson worked for me for years. I can’t tell you how many times he has saved my life. When I started experiencing issues with my heart, he recognized it before I even did. For medical and psychiatric episodes, he has alerted me they were going to happen, responded appropriately by getting me my emergency medication, helping me to the ground, interrupting harmful actions, leading me to safety, getting help as needed, and so much more. One day, I had fainted while I was inside alone. Stetson wasn’t able to get anyone for help because my family was outside. He laid across my abdomen, performing a task called “deep pressure therapy”, and started to howl. Stetson is not a very vocal dog, so this alerted my family and they came inside and found me. Stetson has saved my life on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, Stetson developed a severe, degenerative medical condition and is no longer able to work. Even though I have a new service dog in training, Stetson still loves to work for me at home and always jumps in to help me as needed. He is a hero. He’s MY hero… and I love him so much!

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