Sufjan (Soof-yawn) — Shelter

Location: Bentonville, Arkansas

Sufjan doesn’t have official shelter papers, because Sufjan is a rescue through the local veterinary clinic that I previously worked at.

Sufjan is truly a hero dog. Sufjan has saved my life. But first, I need to provide context for his life story. You see, Sufjan was abandoned by his previous family. He was found wandering the streets after being hit by a car and mangled. He will never walk the same again.

Sufjan came to me destroyed. He was a shell of a dog. He was filthy and matted and I couldn’t even touch his skin. His white fur was black in places due to neglect. He was scared of people and it made him anxious to be close to me.

I volunteered to adopt him. It was because of the sad faces he gave me and the feeling that he and I belonged – we had a special connection.

When I brought him home, he was a mess. He would try to attack me and he destroyed everything. Partially because of the abuse he had suffered and partially because he had never lived indoors. It took a lot of training to get him to trust me.

But when he did, it was a beautiful thing. He has saved my life. I was sexually assaulted two years ago, and Sufjan has given me a reason to carry on and survive. He is so sweet now. He is a little love bug. We helped each other heal.

He is a perfect representation of what love can do to a dog. It heals. Abused dogs deserve chances. And we found one another and connected due to our bad past.

Thank you for reading.

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