Sully — Therapy

Location: Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Sully was found wandering in a forest outside of Istanbul, Turkey – more than 5000 miles away from his forever home in Minneapolis. A large gash in his head from a dog fight translated to many days at the emergency vet before he could be safely transported to America for adoption. Along the way, everyone noticed how much this retriever mix radiated gentleness and love. He had such tender eyes and a sweet smile despite all the hardships he had endured.

Once adopted, and after an additional surgery and lots of love from his new family, Sully passed his Pet Partners therapy dog evaluation. At the age of two he began visiting schools, senior care centers, colleges, and hospitals.

Sully’s rough start gave him a connection to middle school students who had also experienced homelessness, injury, loneliness, and adoption. These visits always ended up with a hug for Sully and children telling him, “You are my best friend.”

During the COVID pandemic it became even more important to share Sully with others. He proudly participated in a myriad of parades and window visits at senior care centers. Nudging his head up to the window to give greetings to isolated and fearful seniors provided the best medicine that anyone could produce.

Sully’s story and the obstacles that he overcame have built the perfect scenario for connecting with people who are struggling. Despite what he endured, they see how happy Sully is now and it gives people the miracle of hope.

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