Sweetheart — Shelter

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Sweetheart was adopted eight years ago just before Valentine’s Day and at the time was between two and three years old. She was in a cage with many big dogs barking near her and was very frightened and shaking. Her teeth are in very poor condition and needed much care. She was adopted for my mother-in-law and myself as my mother-in-law I had recently lost her two children within five weeks ,one of whom was my husband. After my mother-in-law passed 3 years later, having been a geriatric social worker I realized the importance of pets

In facilities and we got certified and visited many assisted-living, nursing homes and memory care centers. Sweetheart gave so much unconditional love and we thoroughly enjoyed our volunteer work until the pandemic came and we could no longer volunteer. She helped me through a very difficult dark time in my life and recently we have gone back part time to one facility and she was so thrilled to go back that she was jumping up in the air. She is also a wonderful ambassador for shelter pets as we’ve taken many cruises together and when people find out she’s a shelter pet they say that’s where they’re going to go to adopt their next family member! Please consider Sweetheart- she’s just as her name says wonderful temperament unconditional love and got another chance at life and so did I as a result of her ❤️ love.

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