Tank — Service

Location: Kalispell, Montana

Tank began his life with me at the age of 5 weeks. He began his service dog duties at the age of 8. I have severe PTSD and my social worker and I decided I needed a SD. I mentioned tank and brought him I for evaluation and was determined he was the perfect fit. He has been by my side doing his duties, he alerts me when I am nervous, scared , big crowds, etc. He goes with me to appointments, surgery, school etc. He is so smart and knows his job. This picture was at one of his appointments at the vet. He was not scared but I was . He was a champ and is not scared of anything . He is now retired but still wants to work , he will still reach for his vest and leash. He won’t give up on me and I won’t give up on him. He was there when my mom and dad passed away. He went with me to my dad’s funeral and stayed by my side the entire time. We went tp the cemetery and he even laid on grave site and cried for me and knew I was in pain . This dog is the true meaning of hero in every way possible. He may be old but he still has a young heart and will do anything for me, even if he is in pain he will still get up and help me. I love this boy of mine and hope you will consider him for hero award. He is my hero!

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