Tatiana — Shelter

Location: Lake Odessa, Michigan

Tatiana has called Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary home since 2012. She made national headlines in 2011 after someone found her in the woods outside of Lansing, MI. She’d been beaten with a bat, her mouth muzzle-bound with electric tape, and her legs hog-tied.

Once she arrived at the sanctuary, Mackenzie’s got to work on building Tatiana’s trust. She was fearful around people, especially men, which was understandable given what’d she’d been through. She also showed some aggression toward other dogs. It took many years for her to trust new people and feel safe, but she soon became a volunteer and staff favorite.

By the time Tatiana was ready to find a forever home, she was a senior. Sadly, not many people want older pitties who need to be the only pet in the home. That’s when one of Mackenzie’s amazing volunteers stepped in and offered to foster Tatiana full-time. Mackenzie’s established volunteers are able to permanently foster the rescue’s harder-to-place dogs. After everything Tatiana has been through, she now gets to spend her golden years in a loving home.

Tatiana has overcome so much and come so far to get where she is today. She’s the very picture of strength and endurance, and deserves the title of American Hero Dog.

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