Teddy Bear — Service

Location: Statesville, North Carolina

My name is Sky and Teddy is my best friend! Oh, and my service dog! After multiple traumatic instances throughout my teenage years, I graduated with a diploma and severe panic disorder and agoraphobia. I couldn’t leave my house without panic settling in. After only making it a month at university before being unable to continue, I was stuck. Not only did I still have debilitating panic, but other problems began to arise. Shortly after leaving university I was recommended to get a service dog. After many emails, I ended up with an 8 week old puppy who I named Teddy Bear From Space. Immediately we bonded. This dog was extraordinarily smart. Anything I threw at him, he did it with extreme enthusiasm. It’s amazing. After working with him month after month, I realized my passion in life for dog training. For dogs in general, actually. My obsession grew day by day. I decided to go back to university, but this time I didn’t go alone. Teddy and I tackled Appalachian State University as a team… and this time I was prepared! Every time I panic, when I have chronic pain symptoms pop up, no matter what it is.. He is there with so much love! Not only does he impact my life every day, he’s impacted the entire student body here. There’s not a person on campus that doesn’t know his name! He goes to football games, campus meet and greets, his birthday is a campus holiday…the life of the party! But his true love? Helping me live. I can graduate thanks to him and I will be forever grateful.

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