Tobias — Shelter

Location: Kent, Washington

Before Tobias was rescued, he had been dumped off and living as a stray in a Hyndai car lot for at minimum of a week before word got around to my mother, who worked at the location in which Tobias resided.

My mother then told my dad, who I remember saying “She better not bring another darn dog home!”, which then immediately had me driving off to where he was. May 9th, 2020 was the day I rescued him and took him in. He was the light that my dark world had needed, he became the focus and passion in life.

At first, Tobias was extremely timid and jumpy; a movement too fast would have him cowering, either running outside or hiding in a corner.

Fast forward to almost a year later, Tobias has learned to trust people again, has learned more tricks than I can count on my hand, and is now on his way into competing in obedience & possibly agility in the future.

Tobias is one smart cookie that has allowed time to heal those traumatic wounds of the one who dumped him. He is my closest companion, my best friend that rescued me from my dark days as I did the same for him.

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