Tripod Petey — Therapy

Location: Yukon, Oklahoma

Tripod Petey is a lovable and incredibly gentle four year old goober. As a puppy he was crushed by a car. He sustained a variety of injuries including broken ribs, multiple breaks in his tail, spinal and hip trauma, but most obvious was the loss of his rear left leg.

When I met him it was only to conduct a temperament and disposition test. His foster Mom and I wanted to determine if he might be suitable for therapy dog work. There he was with his little battered and broken body and yet, he radiated strength, fortitude, love & happiness. I have met and tested many dogs for therapy work over the years but this guy, well, he was special, and I knew it within minutes.

I took him home that very day. I had no doubt that he had the right stuff to inspire and reach people as a therapy dog. His nature is so calm, and gentle that to know Petey is to instantly love him.

Petey and I serve as a team in the Oklahoma City metro area. We volunteer at multiple hospitals, and physical rehabilitation centers. Petey works with veterans, children, adults, cancer and hospice patients. We have really missed our in facility visits because of the Covid pandemic.

Petey has, however, kept his skills sharp by being my “personal therapy dog” these last 7 months as I was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. Petey has been my strength and inspires me to keep going daily. He is in my opinion the epitome of what a hero dog truly is!

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