Tripod Tre — Shelter

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Tre was born with an unknown birth condition affecting his joints. At 3 months old his right hind leg was amputated while living in a shelter. Months later he underwent several surgeries to save his left hind leg which was disintegrating into pieces and literally hanging on by a thread. The man who rescued Tre came to the shelter looking for purpose in his life. Recently separated from his wife and going through a divorce, he was at rock bottom. Tre’s new dad, an occupational therapist, found his purpose in the three legged puppy too weak to stand on his own. Together, Tre and his dad formed an inseparable bond. Tre learned how to walk, run, and even do handstands! He now enjoys chasing squirrels around the yard (something he was told he would never be able to do). Tre’s dad, inspired by Tre’s resiliency, overcame his depression to pursue his dream of competing on American Ninja Warrior. Tre’s story of overcoming obstacles has been shared on various social media outlets reaching over 30 million people worldwide. Tre has raised thousands of dollars to cover medical expenses for other shelter dogs. The dog who sat in a shelter for over a month waiting for a visitor now works as a therapy dog with children with disabilities, is ESA certified for his dad, and inspires millions to never give up (including his grandpa who also rescued a three legged dog, after seeing the impact Tre had on his son).

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