Truman — Service

Location: Dumfries, Virginia

He Saved Me From Me, that is the name of the song I wrote about Truman because he literally saved me from my PTSD. He taught me to live again.

Even from the very first night he showed me he was there for me. I was having a nightmare and he woke me up so gently. I was astonished that he knew I was having a nightmare and that he was able to wake me up in a gentle way. I cried from the relief of not having to carry my PTSD burden alone anymore and I had unconditional support.

He has several tasks to help me manage my PTSD outside the house. Overall, he allows me to be more comfortable out in public with these tasks.

His compassionate and willing demeanor creates trust with people we meet, who then open up their lives to us. He has a way of knowing who is struggling and in need of some support.

Because of this he gave me a new mission to help others. I started a foundation named after him, because he is a great mental health ambassador.

We have had many opportunities to meet people and go places I would have never been able to do without him, including going to a 6 week treatment program to work on my PTSD.

I am currently working on a children’s book about him and his best friend. The book is about service dogs.

He truly is a hero and I am so honored that he is my service dog. Truman’s influence continues to help me and others in so many ways.

Who knew a shelter dog that was trained in a prison could have such a positive impact on me and so many others?

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