Tshaar — Military

Location: D'iberville, Mississippi

I am nominating Tshaar for the title of American Hero Dog because he has overcome all odds being against him during his time of service. Tshaar was stationed in South Korea with 27 other MWD and out of those 27 working dogs Tshaar had to deal with an autoimmune disease while performing his duties as a patrol dog. When I arrived in South Korea Tshaar was isolated from the rest of the group because at the time nobody knew exactly what was going on with him, so as his vet tech Tshaar and I spent a lot of time together and eventfully formed an unbreakable bond. So I knew eventually within the year he would begin to start his process out militarily due to his disease, and us not being able to properly take care of him (due to being in South Korea) that he would go up for adoption. I was very close with all my handler and once Tshaar was available I immediately asked the kennel master if I could adopt Tshaar and he went from living in the kennels to roaming around freely becoming our clinic mascot for a few months until he was shipped back with the help of an amazing lady and his wonderful foster family that he had to stay with due to me getting extend in South Korea for 3 extra months due to COVID-19. Tshaar and I were reunited on 29JUL2020 and we have been living our life to the fullest and I truly believe that Tshaar saved me and though he may not be doing his normal duties of patrol work I do think he has stepped into the roles of being an emotional support dog.

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