Ty — Search and Rescue

Location: The Woodlands, Texas

Ty, the K9 multitool, has spent his entire life serving his country (both in the US and overseas) since first certifying as a Human Remains Detection K9 with a national police service dog organization in 2010. Ty was certified to locate human remains on land, underground, underwater and in rubble. Ty participated in three overseas deployments (Iraq 2011; Afghanistan in both 2014 & 2015) when our government requested HRD K9’s to find the remains of our missing service members and contractors. The actual deployments that he was a part of for those years are still classified. His contributions to the mission were significant. Between overseas deployments, Ty worked in the US helping law enforcement locate the remains of the missing. Ty worked and certified every year until his retirement in 2016 when his trainer bought him back so he could spend the rest of his life in the style he deserved.

Ty’s trainer, who also certified both of my HRD K9’s multiple times, received a job offer that prevented Ty from going with her so I was given the honor, duty and responsibility of taking care of Ty for the rest of his life. After bringing him into my pack, it was apparent he still wanted to work. I knew he couldn’t continue with HRD work so we passed Alliance of Therapy Dogs certification in 2018. Ty has gone to multiple unattended veteran funerals at the TX State Veterans Cemetery, visiting nursing homes and a hospital. Ty is a great inspirational example of a true American hero dog!

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