TY — Therapy

Location: THE WOODLANDS, Texas

Late in 2018, I was given the honor and duty to take care of Ty for the rest of his life. Originally, Ty was trained as a human remains detection dog and as such, he was deployed to Iraq in 2011 and to Afghanistan in 2014 and 2015 to help locate our missing US service members and contractors. While not on duty, he visited the wounded at the base hospitals. He is now retired as a HRD K9 but still trains weekly with my other HRD K9’S. Since I’ve had him, we have gone to several unattended veteran funerals at the Central Texas State Cemetery in Killeen TX. After seeing how he acted, I knew he needed another job so we started down the path to get him certified as a therapy dog. He is now a certified therapy dog. So far, we have visited nursing homes and multiple areas at a hospital. He excels at bringing smiles to those he meets and has never met someone he didn’t like. Many people go home with a little bit of Ty (hair) on their clothes. I imagine their animals think they have been cheating! Our goals this year are to continue with this work and to get him certified as a crisis response dog. In addition, we’d like the opportunity to be able to take Ty to the local VA hospital to visit our service members as they recover. Ty is a big, lovable, goofy Yellow Labrador Retriever that really enjoys making people smile. Thank you for considering Ty for this award which I believe he is well deserving of.