Vader — Service

Location: Belmont, New Hampshire

Meet Vader! He’s a Neapolitan Mastiff/ Great Dane mix. His hobbies included helping mom train other dogs, lounging at home and playing with his favorite toys. Vader enjoys working! During this pandemic it hasn’t been easy to get out and work like we use to. Luckily we were given an opportunity by a friend to come down to Florida and get to experience Disney together. Vader is a dog that loves to work, but sometimes needs environments that are more challenging. He does have his favorite rides at the park! I have owned him since he was a year and a half. After about 4 months into owning Vader we noticed he was giving some sort of alert to me, my family and some friends. Being as diabetes runs in the family we quickly realized that Vader was alerting to high and low blood sugar. If he knew I was ok, he would alert to someone who was close by us. We got plenty of those stories! Recently he detected a mass in a friends knee 3 months prior to them discovering it. Safe to say we have definitely learned to listen to him! This dog surprises me everyday. Whether he’s helping with training, doing service work, or just simply being an amazing companion. He continues to blow me away! I can’t thank this dog enough for giving me a new look on life. I don’t know where I would be without him.

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