Wellie — Guide / Hearing

Location: Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Wellie is my Hearing Assistance Dog and has opened so many doors for me by giving me the confidence to grow into my true self. She has enabled me to explore new things, feel confident, safe, and aware in my home and of my surroundings while in public. Because of her, I’m not afraid to try new things. We are Dogs for Better Lives Ambassadors, Pet CPR/First Aid Instructor and teach ASL classes together. I’ve become a more outgoing, relaxed and joyful person. She is dedicated to her job as my Hearing Dog (my ears) 100% of the time. During these times of masks in public, she seems to work doubly hard to ensure that I am comfortable, safe, and aware. She has led me out of Walmart during an emergency fire alarm. While at physical therapy, she ensures that I am aware when the machine I am using is done and beeping. She makes sure that I am aware that my therapist has entered the room and is speaking to me. Not only does she alert me to the sounds she was trained for: oven timer, microwave, doorbell/door knock, telephone, smoke detector, alarm clock, and someone calling my name; she has chosen to alert me to sounds that are beyond her scope of training. I know when my cell phone buzzes, toaster pops, Instant Pot, or Air Fryer alerts. In public, she alerts me to timers beeping, people speaking, telephones ringing and so much more. She’s not only my hearing dog and ears, she’s my best-friend, my pandemic partner, and my saving grace in a world so full of silence.

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