Winston Johnson — Shelter

Location: Fairmont, West Virginia


I would like to take a moment and introduce Winston! I adopted him October 30th 2018 from Marion county humane society in Fairmont West Virginia.

Winston was a animal abuse case who caught a lot of media coverage. He was found zipped in a lunch bag and weighed down by a book and left on an old access road for dead, completely blind and covered with with mats, his saving grace was A St. Bernard that was being walked in the are the true heroes! The local community all came together for his care, they raised $5000 for corrective surgery to regain his site.It worked!! Unfortunately where we live this is not a felony charge, So with some help from many volunteers from Winstons Facebook page, And the HSUS We ran a bill threw the The capital with a senator lead sponsor, At the beginning of this, Winston got a lot of news coverage, 7 news interviews including a national coverage one! Front page of newspaper 9 Times!! We were off to change the rules on animal abuse in the state of West Virginia for the better! (Also in process of running some county ordinances as well)

Winston (and I) have given our county and state new hope for a safer tomorrow for any other abuse cases! Winstons abuser was the FIRST Felony animal abuse case in Marion County West Virginia Ever! We Together are changing West Virginia for the better for our animals. We are invited to every parade and Event at local parks! Winston is a superstar. To this day I still don’t know who saved who!

-Casey J.

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