Zeus — Service

Location: Golden Valley, Arizona

Zeus has been my Service Dog for about 7 years now. I have a rare disease called Scleroderma. I have widespread pain constantly and get exhausted quickly, sometimes I even fall. He helps me with my mobility and stability. He has been trained to recognize my breathing and walks me to the nearest place to sit. He also prevents me from falling and if I do, he protects me by circling my body until help comes or I am able to get up with his assistance.

He is so protective of me and recognizes a threat. He has jumped over a 5’ fence and gate to protect me from a guy with a knife advancing towards me . Zeus goes everywhere with me, even when I’m in the hospital. I wouldn’t be able to get out to do things if it weren’t for Zeus. He has been a part of my life since he was 7 weeks old and I couldn’t imagine picking out or having a better dog, I will always have a Catahoula Leopard Dog.

He has a wonderful personality and loves meeting new people, some dogs, not so much and let’s me know if he’s not sure of someone.

Zeus has been called a Grand-Dog, Dog-phew and a “whata-Houla”! I have received compliments from many, including Police Officers on how he is trained. He’ll watch other dogs, but he doesn’t leave my side. Zeus even had a staring contest with a Police dog, neither moved, but he wouldn’t take his eyes off the dog or me.

Zeus loves to run around in the Colorado River.

In all honesty, I can’t imagine not having Zeus in my life, he’s my best friend and I love him.

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