Hooch is a French Mastiff with badly cropped ears, a broken tail, no tongue and the brightest spirit you’ll ever encounter. Zach Skow, of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue, was alerted about him by a shelter in Bakersfield, and was told that the dog wouldn’t eat or drink, and would instead thrash his food and water […]

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Law Enforcement and Detection

Allentown Fire Department Arson K9 Judge is a 7 year old yellow Labrador retriever that has been in service since early 2011. I met Judge for the first time in the spring class of 2011 and we have been partners ever since. He is more vocal than the other arson dogs but I attribute it […]

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Gander was saved from a Colorado high kill shelter, and was rescued by a women’s prison program in Denver, Colorado, for obedience training. He was then trained by Freedom Service Dogs in Englewood, Colorado. It was there, in September 2012, that Lon Hodge and Gander became a team. They have not spent one day apart […]

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Search and Rescue

KOBUK TO THE RESCUE! Everyone began to feel the urgency knowing we were searching for a 77 year old woman with diabetes and dementia, who had been lost for more than two nights in the woods of Maine. Ruth Brennan had no water, no food nor her medications, so the Maine Warden Service with a […]

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May 2012. Our team was assaulting an enemy compound in an Afghan village. We received direct rifle fire from the compound. Apache’s with hellfires were brought in to help. Layka was sent in to search for injured or live combatants and explosives. Once inside she engaged an enemy combatant while taking 4 direct AK rounds […]

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Guide / Hearing

My service dog, Hook, is a hearing dog. He is a 12 pound ten year old and goes almost everywhere with me. About three years ago I was downtown in Sacramento and was crossing a street. A train was coming that I did not hear because of my hearing impairment. As I was approaching and […]

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Meet my dog Mango! She is a four year old paralyzed rescue that was homeless, hit by a car, scheduled for euthanasia and pulled by a rescue to be given a second chance. Emma’s Cleft Palate Chihuahua Rescue pulled Mango from a shelter, nursed her back to health and placed her in a program called […]

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K-9 Edo

On 1/1/16 LAPD units went into pursuit of two suspects wanted for robbery and murder. Suspect-2 exited, carjacked and shot two occupants of another vehicle. Suspect-2 crashed and ran into a house occupied by a father and three sons. Suspect-2 stabbed the father in his face but he was able to escape. Gunshots rang inside. […]

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