Brooke Hogan

Film and television actress BROOKE HOGAN is probably most-well known as the daughter of pro-wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, who was discovered by the masses in a reality TV series. [“Hogan Knows Best” (2005–07) / “Brooke Knows Best” (2008–09)]. What is surprisingly undiscovered, as most significant, are Brooke’s talents as a sought after actress, professionally trained piano player and dancer, a prolific songwriter, polished vocalist and extraordinary entertainer on the music stage.

Brook made introductions in the music entertainment sector with the release of her debut single entitled “Everything To Me.” (The track peaked at No. 1 not once, but twice, on the Top Single Sales chart).

Her follow-up single, “About Us,” (from her first national CD recording UNDISCOVERED/2006) invited 90 million-new members to MySpace. The single streamed more than 2,500,000 times and the corresponding music video landed at No. 1 with 750,000 plays.

Brooke Hogan, as we first became acquainted in 2005, still has a wide-eyed exuberance and excitement about her. Fast-forward to present day, Brooke Hogan has also become a confident young woman, singer/songwriter and recording artist who has come into her own.

With full intent and good deed, Brooke Hogan is paving her way to her heritage and it lies in the country music format. With no intention to convince anyone, her music stands alone and speaks volumes. She will release her new single, entitled “Fly Away,” to country radio in June to stake her claim in the country music arena. Her full-length country music project is anticipated in September 2015.