Lou Wegner

Teen actor advocate Lou Wegner is National Youth Ambassador for American Humane Association and host of Young Hollywood For Humanity at the annual Hero Dog Awards in Beverly Hills. He was named Pet Hero of The Year by the Pet Philanthropy Circle, and is spokesperson for ASPCA, Subaru of America, Best Friends Animal Society and others. He is the first young celebrity crusader featured in National Geographic and was recently named a top five celebrity activist with Bruce Springsteen, Ted Danson, Yoko Ono and Edward Norton.

In 2010, Lou founded Kids Against Animal Cruelty (KAAC), an educational foundation for animal rights, rescue and shelter adoption he started at age 14 when he learned millions of animals are put to sleep if not adopted. U.S. chapters in 20 states and Brazil, Belgium, Greece, and Nepal are run by teens who also work to ban shelter gas chambers, conserve wildlife, save wild Mustangs, preserve America’s western frontier, promote spay/neuter and pet responsibility.

KAAC animal rights groups supporters include Denise Richards, Joanna Krupa, Ryan Kavanaugh, Betty White, Shirley Jones, Ken Howard, Elaine Hendrix, Renee Taylor, Alexandria Altman, Stephanie Levy, Eric Lange, Kaileigh Brielle Martin, Wendon Swift, Malese Jow, Emily Capehart, Nicole Cummins, Laci Kay and Jessica Harthcock. Partners are Best Friends Animal Society, American Humane Association, Humane Society of the United States, Onyx and Breezy Foundation, Mercy For Animals, Subaru’s Love A Pet Program, Maui Jim Sunglasses, and Pet Philanthropy Circle.

Lou stars in Snow Moon (2015), Pass The Light and appears in Trouble With the Curve, The Pledge, A Christmas Tree Miracle, VH-1 Do Something Awards, Warrior Showdown, and Modern Family. He has been featured in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, ABC News, CNN, MSN.com, Breitbart.com, Miami Herald and the #1 Yahoo! Photo of the Day. His public service music video “1Life2Live,” “Spare Change For Shelter Animals” and his pop music trio “Blonde” are raising awareness to adopt animals from overcrowded animal shelters.

When not acting and motivating fellow teens to stand up for change and animal rights, Lou rides horses, practices martial arts, studies, and writes music. He also manages, in between acting roles and charity work, to attend school and develop public service music videos for the animals. He lives with his family and eight rescue dogs in Burbank, California.