Prince Lorenzo Borghese

The Borghese name is displayed throughout Italy including in Florence at the Palazzo Borghese, Siena, where the family began, and Rome where the name is most prominent. Rome’s largest Park, Villa Borghese, was owned by the family until 1902 and one of Rome’s largest museums, Galleria Borghese, holds the family’s art collection. One of Rome’s most famous streets is also named after the family, Via Borghese, and the family’s crest which is an eagle and dragon can be found in many piazzas throughout Italy.

Lorenzo graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, has an MBA from Fordham University in New York and currently juggles a variety of challenging positions in the pet and cosmetics industries. He is the founder and president of Prince Lorenzo’s Royal Treatment, a high-end bath, body and skin care line for pets, using the finest organic ingredients from Italy. Royal Treatment is currently the largest pet line on the shopping channel, HSN, where Lorenzo acts as the on air spokesperson for the line. Lorenzo is also founder of, an ecommerce site which exclusively sells the Royal Treatment line of products. Most recently he also launched a lifestyle brand called, RumGolf.

Lorenzo is involved with many animal welfare organizations including the Humane Society of the United States, North Shore Animal League and is an honorary animal welfare Ambassador for the ASPCA. Moreover, he is an Ambassador to the American Humane Association and serves on American Humane Association’s National Leadership Advisory Council. He is also President and co-founder of Animal Aid USA, a not-for-profit organization comprised of all non-paid volunteers which through awareness and legislation, aims to stop the inhumane treatment of animals. Animal Aid USA also offers free spay and neuter in low income areas and helps homeless pets find homes through its monthly adoption caravans which average saving over 150 lives per month. For more information and to sign Animal Aid’s petition to end the gas chamber please go to

In the cosmetics arena, Lorenzo is involved in LB2, LLC, a private label Italian cosmetics company that sells numerous brands to major department stores. In addition, Lorenzo is Executive Vice President of Multimedia Exposure, Inc., a family-owned business that acts as an agency for various products for television shopping channels in the U.S. and Europe.

However, Lorenzo is probably best known for his appearance on ABC’s reality TV show: The Bachelor “Rome, which was viewed by more than 20 million people in the Fall of 2006. He has also appeared on numerous television shows including: Good Morning America, Ellen, Live with Jimmy Kimmel, Extra, ET, The Insider, Access Hollywood, Dancing with the Stars, 20/20, Nightline, Live with Regis and Kelly, Selling New York, Ricki Lake, Housewives of New York City and Miss Advised.

In the summer of 2009 he stared in his second reality show, Coming To Holland, Undercover Princes. This series was aired in the Netherlands on the major network SBS6.

In December of 2010, Harper Collins released Lorenzo’s first novel called, “The Princess of Nowhere.” It is a historical fictional romance novel based on his relative, Pauline Bonaparte Borghese, one of the most famous women in Europe in the 1800s.

In August of 2012, he appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom. He was evicted from the house during the live semi-final show and was featured in each of the twenty-three episodes.

In April of 2014, Lorenzo starred in his fourth reality show, Lucky Bastards, which aired on the Esquire Network.