March 24, 2021

MWD(R) Edo served in the Army from 2011-2020 as an Patrol Explosive Detection Dog. He deployed with his first handler to Kosovo in 2013. During the deployment Edo conducted over 100 missions ensuring the safety of Multinational Forces. Upon his return from Kosovo, Edo was moved from Italy to Germany where he continued his explosive […]


March 23, 2021

Baby Balto surrendered to our 501c3 animal rescue with hydrocephalus. Blind & couldn’t walk. After a MRI & medical treatment our Amazing team would not give up & worked day & night rehabilitating baby balto. Balto can see & walk now as he is living proof to Never give up. Balto teaches us daily love […]


March 23, 2021

Cole may be deaf, but he’s helping people hear his message: a disability is not an inability, it’s a superpower. As an ambassador for special needs, Cole transformed from rescue dog to superhero in the eyes of children and adults alike. Deemed “broken” and passed up at a local shelter, Cole’s journey had only just […]


March 23, 2021

K9 Marek didn’t start his path like most police dogs. He was bought by a family to be a house pet. However, they quickly realized he was a little more than they could handle. After much debate they returned Marek to the breeder, and that is where our story begins. I already had a dog […]


March 23, 2021

In August 2019 we received a call from a local shelter mentioning several working dogs had been dumped there. There were three Belgian Malinois that were brothers, two of which were chosen for a local law enforcement department. The third brother however was very timid and was starting to shut down in the shelter environment. […]

RMWD Iiken M090

March 23, 2021

Iiken M090 is a retired Military Working Dog and was trained as a Specialized Search Dog (explosives) assigned to the Army. In May 2009, he competed in an MWD competition in Missouri where he placed 2nd in Detection and Explosives. Iiken was then deployed to Afghanistan with an Army Special Forces Unit in August 2009 […]


March 23, 2021

Ty, the K9 multitool, has spent his entire life serving his country (both in the US and overseas) since first certifying as a Human Remains Detection K9 with a national police service dog organization in 2010. Ty was certified to locate human remains on land, underground, underwater and in rubble. Ty participated in three overseas […]

Little Man

March 23, 2021

All dogs are heroes, but Little Man takes it to a new level. NASAR certified he ranges off-leash for a specific human scent or the scent of any human. His joyous spirit and amazing work ethic have won him friends with law enforcement and SAR personnel in multiple states. But his story did not begin […]


March 23, 2021

In 2016, Ryan was diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being injured in Iraq and multiple deployments in support of the United States Air Force. The physical and mental aspects of his diagnosis began to make a negative impact and in 2018 he was introduced to Valor Service Dogs. […]

K-9 Sowell

March 22, 2021

Like most of us, K-9 Sowell wasn’t sure what he wanted to be when he grew up. He started his career as a seeing eye guide dog, but his love and excitement for others made it clear that career path was not the best fit. He changed careers and was sent to work with an […]


March 22, 2021

My retired canine partner’s name is Staff Sergeant Summer, a 10-year old female Labrador. Summer retired from the Marines Corps in 2013 as a Military Working Dog and proud War Dog. She most recently retired as a Police Explosive Detection Dog where she served proudly for 7 years. While deployed she conducted a substantial number […]


March 22, 2021

I am Deaf and Blind. Henna, my amazing guide dog, has given me the freedom of travel and saves my life on a daily basis. She is an extension of my body, becoming my eyes and ears. Last year, while simply crossing a familiar intersection, I was nearly crushed by the trailer of an 18 […]

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