March 22, 2021

Boone survived heartbreaking cruelty as a puppy, which resulted in the loss of his back legs. His life changed when he was adopted by a family with a soft spot for special needs pets. His family had him fitted with a wheelchair to improve his mobility, and he has been a dog on a mission […]

Deputy Chance

March 17, 2021

Chance was a victim of animal abuse in Lee County, Florida. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office investigated the animal cruelty case and use forensics evidence to identify a suspect and subsequently get a conviction. Chance was adopted by Lieutenant Castellon and deputized by Sheriff Carmine Marceno. Deputy Chance is the spokes dog for the Public […]


March 17, 2021

Wellie is my Hearing Assistance Dog and has opened so many doors for me by giving me the confidence to grow into my true self. She has enabled me to explore new things, feel confident, safe, and aware in my home and of my surroundings while in public. Because of her, I’m not afraid to […]

Liberty’s Baby

March 17, 2021

Liberty’s Baby was found abandoned in the woods in Liberty township, Ohio along with her three puppies. They were barely surviving by eating from a deer carcass. Baby was shy and had to be coaxed out of the woods. She was very thin, with her ribs and back bone showing. Baby also was suffering from […]

K-9 Hansel

March 16, 2021

K-9 Hansel was only 7 weeks old when he was seized from an alleged dog fighting ring in Ontario, Canada. He never fought. He along with 20 other Pitbulls were slated for euthanasia. After a 2 year long battle with Ontario courts, Hansel was then transferred to Dogs playing for life down in Florida. Throw […]


March 16, 2021

Once while crossing a street, I gave O’Hara her “forward” command. As a guide dog it is not her decision to tell me when to cross, but rather it is her job to tell me if I made the right choice. While we were about halfway across the road, an oncoming car decided they no […]


March 16, 2021

Maverick is a Great Dane who is following in the “pawprints” of his brother, Bandit, his hero who he has trained alongside over the last 4 years. In 2018 at the age of 1 Maverick became a therapy dog for the USO of Missouri, something he had been groomed for since he was a puppy. […]


March 16, 2021

Living hopelessly and suffering from human neglect with only two days left on the euthanasia list in an overcrowded shelter in Georgia to living a purposeful life with my combat veteran in Missouri, my name is Sobee. Sobee was rescued by K9’s on the Front Line in 2016, and began her training as a service […]

Tommy II

March 16, 2021

When Ryan Boyles was first paired with Warrior Canine Connection service dog Tommy II and saw that they shared the same birthdate—April 30—he says he felt like their new partnership was fate. The duo graduated as part of WCC’s class of 2019, and since that time, the two have been inseparable. “Tommy has given me […]


April 1, 2020

K9 Remington is more than just a retired search and rescue K9; he is a cancer fighter and survivor, an advocate for dogs to be in the fire service, and for retired K9s. Remi was nationally Certified in Human Remains Detection, and worked many cases across the US with Special K9s SAR. Remi has spent […]


March 31, 2020

Aura is a trained hearing service dog. She became my ears after I lost my hearing in a rocket attack in Afghanistan. I was in despair after my injuries. I needed a helper. What I received was a fur guardian angel. She has restored my independence. I went from being a blown-up deaf person to […]


March 31, 2020

MacKenzie uniquely represents a rescue hero because she went from being a rescue dog to helping hundreds of other rescue dogs. She provides care for baby animals with birth defects as well as educates people (of all ages). On 12-31-2013, an amazing dog named MacKenzie (Kenz for short) was born with a cleft palate. She […]

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