Adak — Military

Location: Saint Cloud, Minnesota

Adak, is a 13 year German Shepherd. His longevity & accomplishments as an explosive detection dog are unmatched. During his career he has provided support to dignitaries, celebrities and events across more than 10 states and 3 countries. He was a Contract Working Dog (CWD) for the US State Department (DoS) in Iraq & Afghanistan, the US Army, Ft. McCoy and for a private business, Dogs for Defense Inc. (D4D)

Adak’s 1st assignment was in Iraq in 2006. Adak was assigned to support the US Embassy and dignitaries. Adak performed a sweep of the Bagdad Central Station prior to the arrival of a dignitary. While performing the sweep Adak alerted to a vehicle in the area canceling the event.

On January 14, 2008, the Kabul Serena Hotel was subjected to a complex terror attack. During the attack numerous guests were trapped in the hotel. Adak was the 1st K-9 team to arrive, with terrorists still inside the hotel. Adak led a team of Americans who went room to room inside while terrorists were still active. Adak came across dismembered, deceased victims during his search and performed flawlessly. Over 20 people were evacuated, a total of 6 people died, including 1 American.

In 2009 Adak was conducting a sweep of the Min. of Agriculture when he had an alert. The EOD unit arrived and identified the threat as a mortar shell.

Working for D4D gave constant opportunities to do unique detection work across the US until he was 13. His transition from war to family member was incredible.

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