Annie Belle Smith — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: HomeDog LA
Location: Manns choice, Pennsylvania

My mother & I got Annie belle from the local humane society in may 2012. She was just a pup. Someone left her abandoned walking alongthe road & she was found & taken to the shelter. In march 2012, I lost my aunt – my mom’s sister. I cared for both of them. We all lived together. Annie helped mom & I cope with that. Mom was 85 in 2012 & Annie was great with her. Annie is high strung with me but was different with mom. She would always watch mom when I went for the mail, etc. The night after Labor Day, 2017, Annie was sleeping with me & got up and went to the dining room & kept barking. She never barked at night before. Her mother was in distress & as soon as Annie saw I went to mom, she stopped barking. I believe somehow she knew her mom was sick. Annie is a jack russel/beagle mix – I think. She is gentle & active & sensitive. Her mother kept getting sicker at the hospital. A week later, they told me they had a pet policy & told me to go get Annie to bring her to mom. Annie did great. She walked right into the hospital, right to the elevator & to her room like she did It before. That room was so hot & Annie was stressed. She stayed for 30 mins- I have a video. She did not cuddle with mom but did kiss her. After she left she went around 6 circles outside mom’s room then left. Sadly, our mom died that Saturday. mom did perk up for four hours after Annie visited. Know Annie is helping me grieve. I would this award for Annie in memory of our mom.