Avery — Guide / Hearing

Location: Cleveland, Tennessee

Avery is a black, female lab, my eyes and my hero. She has given me my independence and my confidence back. I am able to participate in events, retain employment with confidence, and enjoy the little things people take for granted such as walking after dark. With Avery guiding me through life I can hold my head up high knowing she will get me around obstacles and together we can safely cross streets. She is wonderful with the school children at my job. She enjoys the park and watching the ducks float by at the duck refuge. Although we have only been a team a short while, I can imagine my life without her now. I am extremely thankful to Guide Dog Foundation for pairing me with a dog whose personality is as outgoing as mine. Nothing I need life could ever repay all those who participated in Avery’s raising and training. They helped to create a rock star, a hero, a best friend. Together Avery and I can accomplish anything placed in our path.