Baby — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pilots N Paws
Location: Mobile, Alabama

Baby was given to me 1 year into my crack addiction by someone who thought if I bonded with Baby then I would care about someone that needed my care more than I cared about myself and would recover. Sadly I did not recover because of Baby, but what he did do is save my life. As I progressed in my addiction, I came to believe that no one cared but Baby and had started thinking of how I could end my life. But I had this amazing 9lb ball of love and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I just kept thinking “who would take care of and love Baby as much as I did?” Plus, he loved me so much that I couldn’t bare the thought of him being sad. When ever I come home he is always so happy to see me and I can’t do anything until I pick him up and let him wash my face with his tongue. I’ve been clean for 7 years and I now know that Baby is a gift from God because if it weren’t for him, I would have ended my life.