Bailey — Therapy

Location: Adkins, Texas

Bailey has been a Reg. Therapy Dog since she was 1 year old.
She has brought comfort to Soldiers & Families at Wounded Warriors & Family Support Center and to soldiers suffering from PTSD at SAMCC in San Antonio, Tx. Bailey was invited (along with her therapy animal friends) to attend Joint Base San Antonio Christmas party for military families (2500 atending).
She has also worked at Ronald McDonald Houses, College Stress down during finals, large companies for employer wellness events, nursing and rehab facilities. Her favorite place is schools & libraries listening to children read to her. Bailey is beloved by the children there. It is wonderful, as you walk through the doors of the school, to hear children in the halls call out,” Bailey’s here, Bailey’s here!” That caring, sweet and comforting dog was called upon to help after the shooting at Sutherland Springs Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Most of the children there, waiting with their families for word of their loved ones, had read to Bailey. They came to her and, as usual, she listened quietly as they hugged her and whispered their secrets in her ear.
It is no surprise she has earned her AKC Therapy Dog Distinquished (for over 400 documented visits) .
Additionally, Bailey is my Service Dog. I have been blessed to have her.