Bella — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: HomeDog LA
Location: Litchfield Park, Arizona

Bella is a one in a million dog-my unsung hero. She is a Queensland Blue Heeler and is now 14. She is my first dog and came into my life shortly after I lost my first parent, saw me through some tough times, milestones, attended college with me, and she was by my side when news of my second parent’s death came. I am adopted and Bella helped me find and reconnect with my birth mother and siblings who I hadn’t seen since our separation years prior. Our love of animals was common grounds for us to become friends. Bella has been by my side through many things and is the reason behind most including finding and connecting with communities of dog lovers to pursuing my passion to work with animals. She has helped me lose over ten pounds and herself lost weight from us walking and exercising together. She inspires me to eat healthy and better myself as I’ve become more aware of the ingredients and quality in her food. Bella loves all people, has traveled cross country with me to attend a rescue benefit which helped dogs in need, donated food, toys, and treats to our local shelter, and she was the introduction to the community of Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue. We have volunteered extensively with ACDR by photographing fosters, fostering a few dogs, helping with multi-media production for grant applications, and attending adoption events as breed ambassadors. My youngest dog was then adopted from Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue. She loves playing Frisbee, Fetch, hiking, swimming, and car rides