Bella — Shelter

Location: Ft. Worth, Texas

Everyone Says Thank Goodness I Rescued Bella but the Truth Is Bella Rescued Me. I tried to commit suicide and Bella Truly Saved my life and since that day Bella actually Saved Me Again when I fell down in the yard and it was below Freezing out and I couldn’t get up because I’m disabled and Bella heard me yelling for Help and she came running out in the yard to me and I told her to go get Daddy who is my husband and She went to his closed bedroom door where he could sleep through a Train coming with its horn blowing and she wouldn’t stop hitting his door and barking till he Finally woke up and she barked at him like crazy till he followed her outside to find me. She’s My Hero and My Baby Girl. She Hasent needed a leash since the day I got her. She’s stays right by my side Always. She Is Truly A Hero. My Hero. Tamara Mixon

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