Ben the Bullmastiff — Therapy

Charity Partner: Pets on Wheels
Location: Spring Valley, California

Ben was born to be a therapy dog. He is the calmest, most sensitive dog I have ever owned. He feels things and senses things most dogs wouldn’t notice. We currently volunteer at the airport in San Diego. and Ben always has a captivated audience. He has comforted people who were afraid to fly, people frustrated with flight delays and given much needed hugs to weary flight crews. He enjoys occupying the time of bored children, giving mothers and fathers a bit of a break. When Ben feels the need for a hug, he sits in front of you and presses his back into your chest, it is the most amazing feeling to have a dog hug you.

When I watch him interact with people I am still in awe of his kindness. I watch his tail, as it rarely stops wagging. My father become ill recently and he lives in the guest house behind us, when he returned home from the hospital and to this day Ben will wander out every evening and let out a couple barks, my dad opens the door and Ben stays with him for about an hour.

We spend a lot of time out in our community in a non-professional capacity, I can’t get enough of the smiles he brings to everyone who he interacts with.

Ben is a hero in my eyes as he is always willing to stop and lean into everyone who is willing to pet him. He is a true gentle giant. I can’t count the times I have been told he is a “kind” dog.