Blitz — Service

Charity Partner: ADI
Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Before I got Blitz, I was pretty much home bound. I had 14 spinal cord surgeries due to a disease in my spine associated with my service in the military ( 1984-1992 ) I have roughly 26 inches of steel rod in my spine and I can’t bend. Getting down to the floor/ground is dangerous as I may not get back up. Additionally I was having difficulty breathing and suffered from pulmonary syncope resulting in me passing out from low oxygen saturation. Traveling was difficult, if not impossible without Blitz. I wanted to travel to the Cleveland Clinic for treatment and now with Blitz I am doing just that quarterly and more. I take 500 or more mile trips with Blitz all the time. He flies and or drives with me. Blitz has given me my life back. He wears a vest with pouches to carry my meds and or extra supplies. The biggest thing for me is that due to Blitz I can go to my children’s events, from basketball games to soccer, to football games. Beyond that Blitz is now one of my best friends second only to my wife. Blitz loves me so much he cries if I leave him or try to leave without him. We are literally inseperable. Blitz was given to me by Smoky Mountain Service Dogs in Lenoir City, Tn. Heather Wilkerson & Susan Shemwell trained Blitz along with many volunteers. He is so much like a person due to his ability that I tell people the only thing that keeps him from driving me home is opposable thumbs. Blitz is the real Deal. The best of the best. I hope You think so too.

– Col. Kevin Jankoski