Blue — Service

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

Due to my arthritis meds, I developed hypoglycemia. My blood sugars drop without a warn, no feeling good, no sweating etc. They just go from 130 to 60 in seconds, and I start going into a diabetic shock. My former primary at the v.a. suggested I get a service dog, as I had problems even while sitting in her office, and she gave me the name of a trainer the v.a. in Tallahassee used to use. It was decided that a small dog wouldn’t work, so we found blue, a coon hound. Between my ex who is a R.N. and Ms Lea Pearson they were able to train blue to respond to my problem. In the first year I had blue, he warned me at least 20 times. Even at my ex’s daughter’s college graduation, he saved the day. Since then I’ve divorced my ex and its been just blue and I, blue has come through countless times now. My latest episode was at publixs while shopping, blue started barking like crazy. A store employee came to see what the problem was, I asked her to get me a coke as quickly as possible. So I’m sure I’d be dead if not for blue, I don’t always eat right because I don’t have the money. But blue makes sure I’m here and for that I thank God every day.