Brinalynn — Service

Location: Thomasville, Georgia

Brinalynn aka Brin was abandoned as a puppy and was even shot at/near which left her with physical scars and a pellet in her neck. Brin never let it stop her though! Luckily she found a foster family to take her in until she found her furever home. Brin quickly bonded with her new mom and showed her service dog potential so her task training began.
Brin, who is now an adult, knows several tasks. Her main ones involve helping guide/counterbalance her mom when she experiences severe dizzy spells, helping her mom transition from sitting to standing safely, alerting to oncoming panic attacks and grounding her mom during episodes.
Before Brin became a service dog her mom was falling down several times a day, which left her covered in bruises and caused more than one head injury. Her mom also experienced 6 or more panic attacks per day due to GAD and PTSD. Add in her worries about future head injuries and she was only making herself worse. Brin’s mom even had to quit her job because she was developing agoraphobia and not leaving the house.
2 years later and her mom can now go weeks between panic attacks and falls. She no longer has to worry about falling or having a panic attack/flashback because she knows that Brin is there and will keep her safe. Brin has given her mom the confidence to go out into public again. She has given her mom her life back.
Brinalynn’s mom thought she was saving her, but her mom soon found out that Brinalynn was actually saving her instead.
AH/Hallmark Employee