Bruno — Shelter

Location: Gravette, Arkansas

Bruno was a stray that was found on the highway outside of Gravette, Arkansas by the Gravette Police department. After a few days at the shelter, the police started to notice how well behaved he was. They could only keep dogs for two weeks then they had to euthanize them. They tried to reach out to other shelters and a boxer rescue, but none of them had any room for him. So, after exhausting all of their abilities to find him a home, they reluctantly scheduled him to be euthanized. On that day an officer went to get him, but he was gone. The next day he showed up at my friend’s house and that is how he became part of my family. After learning that I’m a veteran with PTSD and of my need for a service dog the officer let me have him. What I didn’t know at the time is how much of an impact he was going to have on my family. A few months after I got Bruno my husband lost his job. This caused Brian who is also a veteran with PTSD to fall into a deep depression where he became suicidal. I thought I was going to lose him until I started to notice Bruno getting closer to him. Bruno gave Brian unconditional love that brought him out of his deep depression. At that time Bruno and I were going through training with a service dog organization that made the determination that he was better suited for therapy work. Bruno went from spending most of his life in shelters to being a future therapy dog with a story. I’m hoping to use his story to get more people to adopt from shelters.

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