Buddy Cline — Shelter

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Buddy was on the streets in Gallup,New Mexico and sent to the Humane Society in Boulder,Colorado. He was a year old when my Mother found him. Two other people had him on hold so they told my mom that she wouldn’t get him but my mom went back and the other people didn’t show so mom adopted Buddy. His name was Gizmo because he looks like a gremlin but we’ve also heard he looks like Yoda, and an Ewok. I was in jail and was barely welcome at home but i came home and fell in love with Buddy. Now Mom says that I was good for Buddy and he is good for me. This is very true. Buddy helps keep me sober. He means so much to me that I want to show up for him . He keeps me on the right path. I walk him 3 to 4 times a day. He has his picture take by right now it’s up to about 20 times. People stop me all the time to admire him. When Mom and I are out we get stopped all the time too so someone can take his picture or share their story of their dog. He brings so much joy and happiness into our family it makes me tear up just thinking about it. When i walk Buddy he has two girlfriend dogs in the neighborhood and because of him I also have made friends. He has helped me gain back my confidence and self esteem. He has been such a gift. We also share his rescue story with those we come in contact with so they know how good it is to adopt a shelter dog. We love Buddy. Thank you