Buddy — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Mesquite, Texas

Meet Buddy, a hero for all vision-impaired and blind dogs everywhere. As an ambassador for Muffin’s Halo Guide for Blind Dogs, he shows the owners, rescue groups, shelters, veterinarians and canine ophthalmologists that a virtually bump-free life is available for blind dogs. Buddy loves to visit elder care facilities to cheer the residents, and attends trade shows and pet expos to spread the word about Muffin’s Halo. As has been proven so often, when blind dogs are placed in a shelter, they are among the first dogs euthanized. Muffin’s Halo gives shelter dogs the chance for a confident, quality life — they are much more adoptable and most likely to find a Forever Home.

Brave Buddy survived a horrific mauling and extensive surgery to continue his work letting people know that truly, “every blind dog deserves a Muffin’s Halo.”

Inventor Silvie Bordeaux also has a wonderful non-profit organization, Second Chances for Blind Dogs, which assists in providing needy blind dogs the Halo they need to make their lives positive once again.

Buddy is a Hero because he shows that blindness isn’t an affliction. Buddy shows all folks he encounters that blind dogs may not see with their eyes, but they definitely see with their hearts.