Cash — Service

Location: Lynn, Massachusetts

Simply stated…Cash is amazing. Yes, he has his standard Service Dog commands that enable me to get through the daily routine, but in addition to them he also gives me the strength to get out of bed and attack each day to see what happens. He takes me out if my comfort zones and places me in seemingly normal situations that have the opportunity to turn into amazing experiences. It is up to me to make them what they will eventually be, but without him at the other end of that leash, those situations might never happen.

A simple trip to the dog park for some play time turns into conversations with other dog owners, friendships, hanging out and new adventures. All he had to do is show up and I was able to do the rest, but for someone in a wheelchair that is extremely hard because it is always in the back of your mind that you are ‘different’. Breaking the ice with strangers is difficult, but with a Service Dog it happens almost naturally because he is allowed most places dogs are not. It puts me in a spotlight, but for good reason.

Service Dogs do not just service their humans physically. The emmotional support the dogs provide allows me make the best of what we have & what we can obtain is limitless.