Chloe — Therapy

Location: Dublin, California

Chloe is an 11 yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback. Chloe and I visit at George Mark Children’s House in San Leandro, CA. George Mark Children’s House was the first freestanding pediatric palliative care center in the US. We love visiting the patients and families there. Chloe always brings comfort and smiles by cuddling, going for walks or sitting next to the patients.
We also visit adults with disabilities at Futures Explored in Livermore, CA. Chloe gets treats from the clients and also provides cuddles. She always makes everyone smile and laugh when she touches them with her whiskers or her nose. Sometimes a client will be having a tough time and Chloe will have them smiling by the end of the visit. The picture is of Chloe at Futures Explored.
We also visit children at libraries and elementary schools for Paws to Read sessions. The children love to read her stories and pet her.
During the school year, we visit high schools to provide stress relief to the students for finals. She helps educate the kids about how to pet dogs and to be kind and compassionate to others at Critter Camp, Kindness Club and Scout events at Valley Humane Society.
We go to Pixar Studios to provide stress relief to the employees.
We go to Taylor Foundation Camp Arroyo to attend Camp Erin every year. Camp Erin is a bereavement camp for children that have lost a loved one.
Chloe deserves the title of American Hero Dog because she makes everyone happy that she meets.