Chompers — Shelter

Location: Spring water, New York

Spring is supposed to be a happy time with the end of winter, flowers blooming and warm temperatures.
But, this one spring was anything but happy. Within a few weeks time, my Mom died, I lost my job of 18 years, and my Chocolate lab Buddy died. Needless to say, I was beyond devastated.
One morning, I got a phone call for a job interview. The job was located a few hours away in a town that I normally would never go to. I didn’t get the job, but on the way home, I noticed a sign for a local Humane Society. I decided to stop in just to see the dogs. The dogs were excitedly barking at me as I walked by their kennels.
When I got to the last kennel. There was this really cute dog who caught my eye. He was barking at me like the rest did, but there was something different about him. I asked a shelter worker if I could visit with him ,and so they had me sit on a bench out in the yard, and they let him loose. He saw me sitting on the bench and came running towards me as fast as he could. He then jumped up next to me, and started kissing my face. On the way home, all I could think about was this sweet dog that I left behind. The next morning, I called the shelter and said I wanted to adopt him. When I went back to get him, he remembered me and was so happy to see me, I started crying. He jumped into the car, and sat next to me, and had a big smile on his face. He hasn’t stopped smiling since, and neither have I !