Denny — Law Enforcement

Location: Lindenhurst, New York

Denny is part of the Agriculture Specialist K9 division also fondly called the Beagle Brigade. Denny’s job is to detect fruits, vegetables, meats, wildlife, invasive species and other prohibited items that may carry insects and/or disease. Denny and I work at JFK Airport, a high volume international arrivals airport where having 25 to 30 positive hits a day is not unheard of. In one shift 70 to 80 international flights can arrive with thousands of passengers with tons of luggage. With the increases of dangerous outbreaks of certain animal and plant diseases this has made Denny’s mission to “Find it!” (The command to start working) even more important as we are the first and last line of defense before the possible infected contraband enters the country through passenger baggage and sometimes international mail. The protection of this countries agriculture wellbeing is paramount and rests on the small backs of 115 Agriculture teams working at all international arrival airports and land border crossings. In the Photo you can see various fruits, vegetables, plants and meats that came from one passenger baggage Denny alerted on. Several pests were found inside the fruit and sent for identification. All items were ground up or incinerated destroying and stopping any possible spread.

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