Dover Waffles — Shelter

Location: Commack, New York

We are nominating Dover Waffles to be the 2020 Hero Dog in the Shelter Dog category because he is a true hero for our planet. Dover was rescued from being shot and killed in Texas and brought to New Jersey where we adopted him from Eleventh Hour Rescue. Dover then went on to inspire his new family to create the first eco-friendly subscription box featuring sustainable toys and natural treats for dogs across the country. Dover inspires dogs across the nation to live a more eco friendly life and purchase recycled, up cycled or biodegradable toys. Since these aren’t so easily found on the shelves, the subscription boxes contain monthly surprises of sustainable selections and has a retail site where dogs can select which toys and treats they prefer!

In addition to Dovers environmental initiatives, he is the neighborhood savior! Just last week, he alerted his family of their elderly neighbor falling and unable to get up. Thanks to Dover letting us know, our neighbor and her dog Jack, safely made it back inside.

Dover is truly making a difference for our planet and community, and we believe he would make an excellent nominee for the Hero Award for 2020 in the shelter pet category!