Duke — Service

Charity Partner: 1Pet1Vet
Location: Chesapeake, Virginia

Hello my name is Duke I am 14 years old , I have been a service dog ever since I was born, I was trained to help my owner who served his country, My owner was in the Army for 20 years and he been in 7 different combat zone during his time of service. I 2002 He got injured and now suffer from a major TBI in which cause him to have Grand-Mal Seizure, along with PTSD. I was trained to let him know ahead of time when he is about to a seizure, so he can take his medication, or to let him know to lay down because his medication is not working and he is going into a Grand-Mal Seizure. I was also trained to comfort him due to his PTSD. In the past 14 year we have dome public speaking to educate people about service dogs and how they help the owner. I have 3 books written about me, and a documentary movie about my life and how I have help many veterans and other people who suffer from a disability. I have been up for this award for the past 2 years and now I hope this year I will win this award, So I can finally retired , So please vote for me