Earle — Service

Location: Danvers, Massachusetts

Earle is my link to independence. He does they typical tasks of a Service Dog, including fetching dropped items, opening doors and calling elevators. Earle travels with me internationally, flying in the cabin with me and helping me to negotiate new environments while educating the public about the role of service dogs and the importance of public access.

In addition to the tasks that Earle performs, he also goes to work with me. As a staff member on a memory care unit, Earle not only allows me to do my job, but he assists our residents in many ways. Earle is a friendly, comforting presence when our residents are lonely or confused. He encourages his friends to leave their apartments and socialize with him, and their neighbors. Earle has dried many tears, comforted his elderly friends during loss or illness, and provided endless opportunity for laughter, fun and play. Everyone agrees that Earle is their best pal and makes waking up to face the day worthwhile.

He is a special dog with a special heart, and shares his live worldwide.

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