Einstein — Shelter

Location: Seattle, Washington

Einstein was found homeless on the side of a busy street in Seattle, and brought to a shelter where we met. He was just six months old at the time. Since adopting him, he has truly saved my life, and he instantly shines a bright light onto anyone he meets. He makes people’s lives better just by being him, and it has been the most rewarding experience for me as his mom.

Within our first two years, I developed a debilitating back condition and couldn’t walk for several weeks, and soon after that we ended up homeless for a short time. A year later, I lost a baby. Through it all, Einstein has not only stayed by my side but shown me more resilience and positivity than I have ever seen in anyone – he inspires me to be better every day, and always reminds me to find joy in the simple things.

Einstein is a Havanese pup, and sharing his rescue story has helped spread the word that shelter dogs can come in all shapes and sizes. People often have a preconceived notion of the type of dog they’ll find at a shelter, and that can deter them from adopting that way. Einstein is proof that you never know who you might meet, and how much they can change your life.

The whole world deserves to know Einstein and be touched by his remarkable spirit!