Eli — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Fresno Bully Rescue
Location: Feasterville, Pennsylvania

Eli defines “excellence” and “hero dog” in many ways; he has significantly helped both an entire community AND an individual in his short 11 years. Eli came into my life from a rescue organization when he was 1.5 yrs old and in need of a home. At that time our 3 legged anxious female was in need of a companion, exercise partner and submissive housemate, he filled all of those roles until the day she died. However,it is what he does on a daily basis that makes him so special. Eli comes to work with me every day at a busy veterinary ER/ICU and is always willing to help. He mostly nurses and encourages patients and staff through emotional and physical pain. He spends time with anxious animals, and gives great hugs when the emotions of our job get staff members down. He has helped get anxious dogs out of cages and to eat He donates blood and often gives his blood serum for patients with ocular ulcers (he even donated to a cat once). He patiently lays while doctors teach ultrasound and teaches a restraint class to keep staff safe. Eli lives with and nurses the cats there as well. he loves and cares for them and me every minute. He has gotten me through some real hard times and therefore comes with me everywhere!Eli is always thrilled to help my dad who is a quadriplegic. He has encouraged several employees to get pit bulls after getting to know him making him a true breed ambassador. He is not only my hero but a hero to everyone’s lives he has touched,