Emery — Service

Location: Navarre, Florida

Emery deserves the title of American Hero Dog because she is truly my hero. She has allowed me to gain my independence back and has helped me feel more comfortable being in public after developing PTSD. She allows me to be independent so I don’t have to ask for help everywhere I go. If I drop something she is there to pick it up for me no matter what the item is. She walks next to my side as fast or as slowly as I need her to go in order to help me walk and if I begin to lose balance she is there to help even me out so that I don’t fall. If there is a fall she can’t prevent she will stand and wait until I am ready to get up and she allows me to push myself off of her to help me get up, and if I can’t get up she will go find me help. I can feel comfortable being alone now that I have her by my side and I never have to worry whether she will do her job. I know it doesn’t sound like much but she is my hero, my best friend, and my confidant. If I have no one to talk to she is there to listen and comfort me when I need her in times of helplessness.